Mom, kids accused of going on shoplifting spree

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - Tonight, a mom and her kids are facing charges in connection with a shoplifting spree in Henrico County.

Police have charged 32-year-old Karla Guzman of Chesterfield with four counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and having a fake ID. Tonight, we are also learning from a source that the four kids with Guzman during the shoplifting crime are facing shoplifting charges of their own.

This all went down on Thursday, December 8 around 4:00 p.m. at the Burlington Coat Factory store in the West End in the 6300 block of West Broad Street.

Tonight, shoppers are shocked to hear the news. We also talked with the mom facing charges for it all.

Investigators say all four kids were 15 and under at the Burlington Coat Factory. Three of them were Karla Guzman's own children.

We talked with Karla at her home tonight. She says it's simply not true. Her daughter translated for her. But, Karla didn't want to show her face on TV.

"She doesn't feel guilty because she knows she's not responsible for what happened," said Karla.

Karla tells us it's the two other friends with them -- and got away from police -- that are the culprits.

"The people at Burlington know we didn't steal any stuff because they didn't find anything on us," said Karla.

A source tells NBC12, the four kids with Guzman on Thursday are each facing shoplifting charges of their own. Guzman is facing 4 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She may be charged with theft since police found stolen goods in her purse, possibly from another store.

We talked with shoppers at the bustling store tonight. Many are shaking their heads in disbelief over it all.

"My mind is blown. I can't believe a parent would do that with her kids," said Kiara Duant. "We are supposed to teach them better than that."

"Even if she didn't do it, you should have control of the child you're around," said Zulane Edghill.

The store would not release surveillance video to us. But we did learn that two kids were seen running out of the store.

Tonight, we talked with officials from the Burlington Coat Factory. The company will not comment any further than to say it's working with police during this investigation.

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