Website enables multi-store gift registries

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Christmas is two weeks away. Are you struggling to think of gift ideas for everyone on your list? There's a website that can make it a lot easier. It's called

"This is a fun little picnic basket that has all kinds of music and little play things," mother Kimberly Webb showed us the toy her two-year-old daughter received through

She also showed us a panini maker she and her husband registered for when they were married. "We use it a lot on Sundays for football and when we have parties."

When Kimberly got married, she registered, not just with one store, but with many, through

"It's the perfect solution for us to be able to choose from a wide variety of stores and also type in enough text to give people some guidance," she told us.

" is a universal gift registry system. Basically what that means is you can create a wish list and fill it with absolutely anything you want from any store and any website," explained's President Nancy Lee.

Now Kimberly, her husband and daughter all have a wish list on, which friends and family can see.

"You just look on your relative's wish list. You see something you want to purchase for them. You just click on the link, it takes you right to the website where the item came from. You put it on the shopping cart and you check out," said Lee.

There is no extra charge for the gift giver or receiver. You can add things not in stores, such as Redskins tickets, or describe something you need. The wish list lets givers choose how much they want to spend.

"When you have a wish list you avoid that embarrassing moment of offering a suggestion that may not be in that person's price range," Lee said.

And the site removes the gift from your list when someone buys it and can send you an alert. But you can turn that off, if you want to be surprised. also features many charities. Gift givers can choose to donate in someone's name, even choose how they want the charity to spend the money, right on the site.

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