Occupy Richmond protesters march downtown

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Occupy Richmond protesters marched from Monroe Park to Kanawha Plaza Saturday.

The protesters marched by City Hall and several other places downtown before ending up at Kanawha Plaza, but this time around, the protesters are not staying overnight.

They marched by the dozens. Jeff Winder was one of about 100 people that met at Monroe Park and hit the streets.

"We're really excited to see so many new people engaged," Winder said. "(I'm) really excited to see the movement continuing."

Protesters marched up Broad Street, swinging by City Hall en route to Kanawha Plaza.

"It just sounded like a good day to go for a nice walk through the City of Richmond," said Harry Hancock.

Hancock was one of several people arrested when the protesters were kicked out of Kanawha Plaza by police in October.

"All the 99 percenters, we haven't gone anywhere," he said.

This is the first time the protesters have come back to Kanawha Plaza since they were kicked

"Kanawha Plaza is a different place now," said Kendall Perkinson. "There's not the vibrant community there used to be but we've kind of brought it back."

Their homecoming was much less dramatic than their last visit.  This time the police left the protesters alone.

"Police actually decided to stay as far away as possible from us," Perkinson said.  "It was very peaceful and not a problem at all."

Recently the protesters set up camp next door to Mayor Dwight Jones' home. The protesters say they wish they could move back to Kanawha Plaza, but this time around, they're following he rules and are leaving after sundown.

"We feel good to be back," he said. "I wish it was still home, but it's not."

The march lasted nearly two hours.

Many of the protesters also picked up trash along the way.

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