Two dead, Investigation continues on campus

Deriek W. Crouse
Deriek W. Crouse

BLACKSBURG, VA (WWBT) - Late tonight, Virginia Tech released the name of the officer killed. They say 39-year-old Deriek Crouse of Christiansburg was murdered during a traffic stop on campus this afternoon. Crouse was an Army veteran and four-year veteran of the Tech police department. He is survived by his wife, and five children.

We also have reports that the second shooting victim may have actually been the gunman, but just how he died isn't yet being released.

We learned tonight - The shooting of that Virginia Tech police officer Deriek Crouse was captured on the dashboard camera in his cruiser. Police also tell us- the second shooting victim was also seen in that video running away with the murder weapon in hand.

It happened again. Police with automatic weapons on the Virginia Tech campus, a shooting, a lockdown, students and faculty asked to stay put.

The familiar faces lined up to address the media.

"In light of the turmoil and trauma and tragedy suffered by this campus by guns. I can only say that words don't describe our feelings and our most elusive at this time," said Virginia Tech President Charles Steger.

Two shootings - not far apart. The first happened in the parking lot for Cassell Coliseum. That's where they play basketball. The second near the duck pond in a parking lot known as The Cage.

At noon, outside the Coliseum, a male patrolman made a traffic stop.

"Virginia Tech police received its first call advising that they had witnessed a suspect approach the officer and fire a weapon," said Deputy Police Chief Gene Deisinger.

A man, not involved in the stop, opened fire. Juliet Fleming, a student, was just walking by as police responded.

"So I kept walking towards his car, and I was thinking I'd get around it before the rest of the police get here and then the police pulled up and they opened his car door and when they opened it, he just fell out towards the ground, and then they immediately started reviving him," she said.

The suspect was seen running down the street toward the duck pond lots on campus. Officers saw a man fitting the gunman's description in the cage lot.

"After returning to that area to make contact found them deceased of a gunshot wound," said Deisinger.

Police say they did not shoot this person. NBC News is reporting the second shooting victim was the man who killed the police officer.

"I know you'll have some questions but we're going to be limited as to what we can say at this time, because we do not want to jeopardize this case," said Sgt. Bob Carpentieri with the Virginia State Police.

Police will not tell us tonight if Officer Crouse was able to fire his weapon before he died. There was an carjacking in Radford Wednesday around 11 a.m. The suspect had the same description as the shooter today. He held up a real estate office with a hand gun, and stole a car. Police are investigating whether there is a link to what happened here on campus today.

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