Chesterfield to discuss road widening plans


Chesterfield transportation staff wants to know what you think about a stretch of roadway some call a traffic nightmare!

We're talking about Powhite Parkway and Old Hundred from Route 288 to Watermill Parkway.

The county is developing plans to widen the road and is holding a meeting about it tonight.

Some people who live near this two lane stretch said it can get busy at certain times of the day.

The county wants to bring it up to four lanes to help ease some of that congestion.

In Brandermill's Turtle Hill, sometimes it is slow-going as homeowners try to leave the community by way of Old Hundred Road.

"Right is pretty much like five minutes but going left is much longer," said Trina Davis.

"I'd rather walk," said Tamr Andary.
Andary said traffic is bad during both the morning and evening rush.

He said many people use Old Hundred as a short cut.  A plan he said backfires.

"To avoid Hull Street traffic people coming from Woodlake, Hampton Park on the other side of the reservoir and Hull Street gets so backed up people think they can come the back way which really doesn't help," said Andary.
Chesterfield transportation is developing a plan to widen the road from two to four lanes.

The county now wants to hear from people who use the road and there are plenty who do.

VDOT estimates from last year show about 18,000 cars traveled this two lane stretch daily.

Andary isn't sure just widening the road will do the trick.

"Maybe put in a stop light or more of a four way stop," said Andary.
But according to the county's plans, a traffic signal would not be added at the Brandermill Parkway intersection because there isn't enough traffic to support it.

Right now, the project is estimated at $8 million.

Davis said it would be money well spent to ease her commute.

"It's really hectic, it's really stuffy, you really can't get out of the neighborhood," said Davis.

This is part of a revenue sharing project in which VDOT matches the money needed to widen the road.

Tonight's meeting is being held at the Swift Creek Elementary School library from 5pm until 7pm.

If you can't make it and have questions, call Chesterfield County Public Affairs at 748-1161.

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