New hangover pill is not FDA approved

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -- The buzz is about a new hangover pill that is supposed to be FDA approved. But, not so fast. The FDA tells us the new product is, in fact, not approved.

The new product is called Blowfish. The FDA say it never heard of the pill until a few days ago. But, somehow several national news outlets started reporting that the drug was FDA approved. The owner of Blowfish tells me, she isn't sure how the mix up started.

We all have our own way to get over the day after drinking blues.

"Plenty of fluids, aspirin, and caffeine helps too," says Glenn Seymour.

"Sleep or drink ginger ale," says another person.

But no one said the hot new trend to hit the market-- Blowfish. It all started in September. The company claims its pill is unlike any other hangover cure. It's a combination of aspirin, caffeine and other ingredients designed to calm your stomach.

Somewhere along the line, big news organizations rolled with headlines like this: "Hangover pill approved by the FDA."

Blowfish then linked those articles to its web site and the FDA backing has now gone viral.

But founder Brenna Haysom admits, that's simply not true. "We are absolutely not encouraging people to say that. Maybe we should do a better job contacting them and making sure they revise their articles."

Blowfish might want to revise it's web site, too. The company says, on it's homepage, blowfish is recognized by the FDA as effective.

But a spokesperson with the FDA said, not only is Blowfish not FDA approved, it is also not recognized by the FDA as effective.

In fact -- we're told the FDA was not involved with Blowfish at all, until a few days ago when officials started looking into the pill and the claims.

There is a loophole for the over-the-counter drug, though. We found out that one of the ingredients in the pill is FDA effective and approved, aspirin.

The owner of the company did tell us she does not plan to take the national news articles about the pill being FDA approval off of the Blowfish web site.

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