Remembering Murdered Father

Pierre Cosby
Pierre Cosby

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A murdered father is remembered tonight. 32-year-old Pierre Cosby was found shot to death in his car on Edwards Avenue early Saturday morning.

The community gathered to comfort the family and the kids he leaves behind. Tears were streaming down the children's faces as they stood huddled between their aunts, mourning the death of their father.

Cosby left 4 young children behind when he was shot and killed in his car.

"The children are suffering asking for their father, there's not too much we can do but grab on them, hug on them, and love on them," said Cosby's aunt, Eveangelis Boyd.

Comforting each other is all this family can do at this time.

"We're going through a lot of grief, agony, and pain but we thank God for the community, family, and friends, they've given us so much love and support," said Boyd.

Police say the 16-year-old teen who is charged in the murder was also an accomplice in another murder at a BP gas station hours earlier.

Cosby's family says, just knowing Toby Smith Junior is behind bars gives them a bit of comfort and credits the police for finding him.

"To the RPD, we take our hat off for them because they got him less than 48 hours and they worked around the clock, they did not sleep and they did not stop until they apprehended the suspect," said Boyd.

With a suspect behind bars, the family is now focused on putting their loved one to rest.

"My brother was a great man, he inspired others in the community, he didn't do any harm to anybody he will be greatly missed," said Cosby's sister, Yomata Cosby.

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