"Victory For Life Promise": Now honored with proper documentation

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – If you bought a car under the old "Victory For Life" promotion, 12 on Your Side has new information about the cancelled lifetime service warranty that upset quite a few car buyers. 

"Sheehy Nissan of Richmond" has agreed to go ahead and honor the "Victory For Life" agreements issued by "Victory Nissan of Richmond" which is no longer in business. I got confirmation from "Sheehy" today.

Harry Deutsch can now resume free lifetime oil changes and inspections. Its great news for him and several thousand former Victory Nissan customers who bought cars because of the Victory For Life promise. Those assurances stopped when Victory Nissan of Richmond was sold to "Sheehy Auto Stores". That's when the unhappy customer called 12 about the company that went out of business.

"They walked away from their obligation. It's like somebody who owes money for bills and liabilities and they just walked away. They are not going to honor the promises made to me and many thousands of other people," Harry said.

You may remember in August Sheehy offered a one time, free oil change through October 1st to unhappy Victory customers. General Manager Tim Ames says it was an expensive 3-month courtesy that Sheehy absorbed.

Ames says as a result of all the discussions in August, Sheehy and the previous owner worked out an arrangement, and will honor the Victory For Life promise for customers who have documentation and are in compliance.

Nissan Corporate has maintained the position that when the business was sold, the promotional program ended. Sheehy has no obligation to honor the promise but has.

Sheehy Nissan of Richmond says customers should bring in the Victory Nissan contract and it will be honored the same way the previous company did, based on what's written in the terms of the agreement.

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