Dominion issuing refund to customers

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Start looking for a credit on your power bill — the SCC say Dominion made too much money over the past couple of years.

Now it must refund more than $78 million to customers.

It's going to vary for every customer.

Here's, how it will work: you'll get a credit on your bill, once a month, for a six-month period. The State Corporation Commission, which regulates Dominion, says the average refund will be $2.85 cents a month, spread out over six months — for a total of $17.10.

Dominion has to start issuing the refunds by February's billing cycle.

The refund is based on Dominion's over earnings in 2009 and 2010.

The only people getting refunds will be those who were customers during the years of the overpayment.

The State Corporation Commission also announced that Dominion's base rate will remain unchanged, for at least two more years!

The electric company had been asking for an increase.

So, no rate-hike and refunds for customers!

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