Police investigate deadly Thanksgiving day wreck

ASHLAND, VA (WWBT) - It's a somber day for a Hanover County family who lost a loved one in a car accident Thursday morning.

Police say the man crashed his SUV into a tree just before 6:00 a.m. Officers confirm the man inside the vehicle was dead when crews arrived. Police say he hit a tree on the 500 block of Thompson Street near Chapman Street. It startled Erika Moore who was sound asleep inside a home nearby.

"I just heard sort of a bang and then a crash," said Moore. " I was asleep. It woke me up. I didn't register any squealing of tires trying to break or anything."

There are no apparent skid marks but it's easy to see the tire tracks leading up to the tree where police say that man died on impact.

The speed limit is 35 MPH. Neighbors say they feel like Thompson street is relatively safe. Police had to re-route people through neighborhood streets until they cleared the scene. They have not said if the man was wearing a seatbelt.

"I feel for the family," Moore added.

It's especially sad on a day many people give thanks and spend time with their relatives. Police have notified the victim's family, but have not released a name.

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