Parking sign problem in Manchester

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – The folks who live in Manchester have been parking on the street for two years. The signs are so faded- they didn't think they were for real, until tickets started popping up on windshields about three weeks ago.

Historic Manchester- the industrial district is now an upcoming spot to live. Old buildings have been transformed and new apartments are under construction. But these signs of growth are leading to new issues, like finding a spot for your car.

"For the first year we lived in the building they didn't enforce any parking on this cul-de-sac and I figured that's just because it was an old worn sign it probably meant something when there was a building here," said Clay McDonald.

The sign says no parking, but it's twisted, pointing to a building. So is this one, telling people not to park on the grass.

"It looks like it's been here for decades. It's faded," said McDonald.

Residents parked on 9th and McDonough and down this cul-de-sac without problem for the last few years. Until about 3 weeks ago...

"I parked on the side of the street last weekend and got a ticket," said Chris Osteen.

So many tickets were written the people who live here made their own signs and put them in the ground and on parking cones to warn people. Writing, "No Parking from here to the corner is what this twisted sign means."

"At least take the sign down or replace it with a new one," said McDonald.

We contacted Richmond Public Works and that's what the city is going to do; replace all the signs here. A spokesperson says the regulations are in place because these streets are "too narrow" and no one should be parking in the curved section of the cul-de-sac, it's strictly "for turning around."

The city says the new parking signs will be installed in the next 4 weeks.

Richmond police say there is no targeted enforcement of that area. A spokesperson adds- if there are signs they will be enforced- but the department also says complaints like this will be investigated.

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