Louisa County thanks community for help after earthquake

LOUISA, VA (WWBT) - The rumbles from aftershocks keep coming in Louisa County- the most recent one early Wednesday morning. On the three month anniversary of the quake, just as uncertain is what comes next for Louisa County High School and Thomas Jefferson Elementary.

Both were damaged in the august earthquake. Trailers will temporarily house students, while EMA works with school leaders to develop a long term plan.

But despite all of that, the school system is taking this holiday to count blessings.

"You know, I can remember thinking....where's school going to be at?" said senior Kelly Candeto, remembering the day the earthquake hit.

After that, dozens of area businesses jumped in to help, delivering supplies and other aid.

"It made it easier so we can have a lot of supplies and so we can help ourselves and help other schools," said elementary student Andrea Jovel.

"We didn't have a lot of supplies. Now we have a whole bunch of stuff that we can use to learn," added Thomas Jefferson elementary student Katelyn Parshall.

"We wouldn't have a lot of things without the community's support and wouldn't be able to have the same education that we did at the high school," said Robyn Comer.

And so from the youngest to the oldest, students here said thank you -- in notes and in pictures to all of the people who had helped them get by.

Around town, those thanks are felt. Several area businesses are displaying those notes in their windows.

"Their school got destroyed and they have to do schoolwork in trailers and its just not fair, they're not going to have a place to graduate from so we needed to as a community, support it," said Mac Fick, a local businessman.

"We've been through a lot and just it's just a pleasure to be at my school," added Jovel.

Officials say the process of working with FEMA is ongoing. School leaders are detailing the damage and the cost to repair the property. At this point, they don't know whether they'll rebuild or replace the damaged buildings.

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