"Buying A Voice": Crossroads GPS attacks Kaine

RICHMOND (WWBT)-  The Commonwealth of Virginia will get quite a bit of attention because it is expected to be a swing state in the presidential race, but that won't be the only reason we will see many political ads.

The race for U.S. Senate is expected to be close and third party groups are already filling the airwaves looking to "buy a voice".

A new takes a look at U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine's career as Virginia's governor. It makes serious claims about his working crafting the Commonwealth's budget and his close association with President Obama.

The ad features cartoon like pictures of Governor Kaine and pulls clips from television interviews, where he shows support for the president's agenda.

This ad is paid for by a 501- c4 by the name of "Crossroads GPS". 501 c 4's aren't required to public list their donor list.

While Crossroads GPS' donors are private we know the group is an offshoot of the 527 political action committee "American Crossroads".

American Crossroads was founded by a number of former members of the George W. Bush White House. They include former RNC Chairmen Mike Duncan and Ed Gillespie, as well as former Deputy Labor Secretary Steven J. Law, and Bush strategist Karl Rove.

The organization raised millions of dollars in 2010, most of it from wealthy corporations and CEOs.

Two of their top donors are Trevor Rees- Jones the CEO of Chief Oil & Gas and Bob Perry, a Texas billionaire and supporter of the "Swift Boat" ads from the 2004 election.

All told, The Center for Responsive Politics determined that 91% of the money raised by Crossroads, came from billionaires.

And that group now has Governor Tim Kaine in its sights.

We put all of our research from this week's report on DecisionVirginia.com

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