Tractor trailer accident shuts down road for hours

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - A tractor trailer accident in Henrico held up drivers for hours during one of the busiest holiday travel periods this holiday season. It happened near the airport on Laburnum avenue.

Police have had to keep the north bound side closed because these wreckers have been trying to remove the tractor trailer. The mud made it tougher to remove it, especially since it lost two back wheels in the wreck.

Crews finally pulled the tractor trailer up on its wheels around 8:00 a.m., nearly six hours after the wreck. It took even longer to pull it all the way out of the ditch.

Around 2:30 a.m., Henrico police say the man was driving south through a construction zone near Laburnum avenue and Charles City road. He hit the edge of the road, which had a sharp drop off, and lost control. Two wheels flew off and he landed in the middle ditch separating oncoming traffic.

"I hoped the driver was okay," said Charles Irving, who has been a truck driver for 17 years. He watched while crews worked. "I was really concerned with the driver. Accidents do happen. Even though he over corrected, you still worry about the people in the truck."

He's seen some pretty bad wrecks and even had some close calls himself. But nothing like this.

" I guess my main concern is that nobody got hurt," Irving added. "The truck is replaceable, products are replaceable, people aren't. That's the hardest thing about this job."

They used inflatable devices to prop up the trailer, and attached cables to pull it out of the ditch. Police shut down traffic to one lane in the south bound side and kept the north bound side closed while wreckers continued to remove the truck.

"You have to go two miles out of your route just to get passed where you have to go," Irving noted.

It was an inconvenient time to wreck on a busy travel day, but the driver is just thankful he's alright.

Crews removed the tractor trailer all the way out of the ditch just before 11:30.The driver did not speak on camera. The company he's with, Swift Transportation, said we'd have to call corporate headquarters for details once the investigation is complete. Right now police say charges are pending for the driver.

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