Man rushed to VCU after pet snake bites his hand

Picture of a similar albino monocle cobra
Picture of a similar albino monocle cobra

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Tonight, a Hampton man is in good condition at VCU Medical Center after his own venomous, pet snake bites him on the hand.

The man is 30 year old Ryan Boothe from Hampton, Virginia. He is the owner of a venomous albino monocle cobra snake.

We actually found a video on Youtube of a similar snake and it was easy to see how menacing one can be. Just imagine having one of those venomous snakes in your own home, as your pet.

Sure sounds crazy. But a Hampton man, is the proud owner of a snake like that. In fact, he breeds them at his home and neighbors are rattled to hear that news.

On Sunday night, that pet snake turned on his owner, biting him on the hand. It landed him at VCU Medical Center, as doctors rushed to save his life.

While we still do not know for sure why Ryan was rushed to Richmond for treatment, I did some research and found out that the Virginia Poison Center is right here in Richmond and it works with VCU Medical Center.

Doctors actually had to send up anti-venom from Florida to VCU. But in the end, it wasn't needed.

Hampton police tell us it's perfectly legal to have snakes like this in your home as a pet. While legal, snake experts say it's probably not a good idea to have one in your home.

"With venomous snakes, a lot of people get them and bring them home and then realize the snakes are venomous," says pet and snake expert Craig Pelke.

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