Chesterfield wants to improve busy 288/360 interchange

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Many try to avoid it! The busy 288/360 interchange in Chesterfield. Now county leaders want to make costly improvements to ease congestion and need state money to help do it! But you won't see improvements for some time.

That interchange tops a list of priority highway projects in Chesterfield. The county submits the list to VDOT for funding consideration. The 288/360 improvements have a projected $72 million price tag.

Trish Tomsic knows when to avoid the 288/360 interchange.

"Between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., especially right there," said Tomsic.

Tomsic lives in Brandermill, for the convenience. But feels for the people who live further west.

"I can scoot out the back way, but I can understand if you're trying to get home and you're going out to Hampton Park or going further west on 360 it would be an issue," said Tomsic.

The interchange tops Chesterfield's priority highway projects. Others include the widening of Route 60 to six lanes from Courthouse to Old Buckingham. The widening of Powhite Parkway and Route 10 between Bermuda Triangle Road and Meadowville Road. The estimated cost for the 288/360 improvements is $72 million.

Money that would be well spent said Andrea May Dillard, who tackles the interchange not once, but three times a day.

"Three times the headache of the traffic," said May Dillard.

About 60,000 cars travel 288 at 360 during the weekdays. Traffic tends to back up on 288, causing even more headaches.

"This whole place is just backed up," said May Dillard.

VDOT said it's in talks with the county for a study to see what improvements are needed. Right now, there's no money earmarked for the research.

"Living here for as long as I've lived here and seeing the growth in this specific area, if it's going to benefit Chesterfield I'm all for it," said Tomsic.

A Chesterfield Transportation official said it's too early to say what will be done to bring relief. The Commonwealth Transportation Board will hear about the county's road priority list during a public hearing next Wednesday.

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