Richmond Mayor fed up with Occupy Richmond, signs petition

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones is fed up with Occupy Richmond in his community, right next door to this home. He signed a petition tonight, at a community association meeting, asking for the group to be removed immediately.

This comes on the heels of a meeting that is set for Friday morning at City Hall. That is where Mayor Jones will meet up with the Occupy Richmond group.

With a smile on his face, Mayor Dwight Jones walks into the Brookbury Community meeting.

Despite being a few minutes late, he came fired up, with the occupiers still staked out next to his home. "Everyone deserves some privacy! Everybody. Even me."

Many agree, including the Mayor, it's everybody's right to free speech. But, speech not done, this way in the backyards of hundreds of neighbors.

"This is an over the top action that has invaded the serenity of a peaceful community," added Mayor Jones.

It's not only the protesters invading the community. It's the media, too. 

"I had the paparazzi out there today. Nobody deserves that," said Jones.

So tonight, the group of neighbors that met tonight, came up with a petition. Nearly 45 people signed, including the Mayor. In it, neighbors ask Raymond Boone to take back his invitation for the occupiers to be on his front lawn and have the group removed, immediately.

"My biggest concern is it could get out of control and it has in other places. We've been lucky so far," said neighbor Erik Richards.

So far, police admit, the group isn't breaking any laws and there are no neighborhood covenants against this.

John Hewlett, who lives in the community, was part of a small group that supports Occupy Richmond in Boone's yard. He actually walked out of the meeting.

GENE: "What do you think about this petition?"
JOHN HEWLETT: "Totally wrong. Totally disgraceful."

"I do business at City Hall. I don't do business on Beddington Road," exclaimed Mayor Jones.

That meeting between Jones and the Occupy Richmond group is said to be happening in the morning tomorrow.

As for that petition, neighbors tell me they are going to bring it to Raymond Boone's home tomorrow and there will be a follow-up meeting with the community. That meeting may be happening next week.

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