Arrests in Pocahontas State Park break-in

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, VA (WWBT) - Thieves went deep into the woods at Pocahontas State Park, Sunday, ripping apart the pool complex.

The park manager says the break-in happened some time overnight and the pool complex is about a mile and half in the park.

It's been ten years since anyone has broken into or vandalized the pool complex.

Park manager, Daniel Quesenberry immediately called in a forensic team and within 12 hours they had suspects lined up.

"We were then able to identify the individuals obtain a search warrant, gather additional information and take them into custody," said Quesenberry.

The point of entry was incredibly damaging and costly.

"This is actually a double pane insulated commercial window, you can see the size of it. It is actually thicker then residential glass and what they did was busted out this window to gain initial entry to the building," said Quesenberry.

A foot print left on the floor of a concession area was just one of the clues that led police to Jesse Jones, Connor Powell, and Nicholas Khanna.

"They went through the shower rooms the first aid room and equipment storage room taking some items," said Quesenberry.

Park authorities say they're going to pay for the damage first but seek restitution later.

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