Restaurant Report November 17

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - If a strip club serves food, the State of Virginia considers it a restaurant and inspects it for food safety just like any other restaurant. That's why our first stop in this Restaurant Report is somewhere you might not expect.

The Paper Moon II strip club, 6710 Midlothian Turnpike in Richmond, serves food. We met the manager, named Ox.

One of the Paper Moon II's issues, among 4 critical on its last inspection, was that a grill was not cleaned between uses.

Ox explained, "These have all been corrected. I've got the report inside," Ox explained.

Ox invited me inside the club's front doors and described how each problem was immediate fixed while the inspector was still on site. In fact, the Paper Moon II usually has few restaurant violations on its inspections and fixes them fast.

Next we went to the IHOP at 12251 Bermuda Crossroad Lane in Chesterfield, which had 4 critical violations, including that an employee touched cooked bacon with his bare hands. The manager declined to be interviewed on-camera but told us employees must pass an extensive training program and that all violations were immediately corrected.

There was also a bare hand violation at a different restaurant, this time at El Rey International Supermarket at 6006 West Broad Street in Henrico. It had 4 critical violations. The inspector noted that employees handled tortillas with bare hands. The state requires employees to wear gloves or use utensils to touch ready-to-eat food. Violations were corrected during the inspection.

This week's NBC12 Hall of Fame Award goes to Belmont Pizzeria, 602 North Belmont Avenue in Richmond. They've aced three of their last four inspections while serving up homemade Sicilian food.

"We enjoy staying a little extra and working a little harder to keep things nice because its our investment and we're investing in the people in the neighborhood as well. So we like to keep everything safe," said Victor Guevara of Belmont Pizzeria.

And a new McDonald's is opening on Saturday, November 19 at 12530 Jefferson Davis Highway in Chester. The first 50 customers to buy a Breakfast Extra Value Meal will get a free Big Mac every week for a year.

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