More vandalism prompts community meeting with police

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - People in one Richmond neighborhood say they want peace and order restored after vandals struck yet again. We first told you about the problem this summer when one woman had to replace her car window, twice in just days.

People in the Eastview neighborhood are tired of spending hundreds of dollars to replace tires and windows. They want a vandalism spree to come to a halt.

All is not quiet in Eastview.

"No, the biggest concern is waking up in the morning not knowing if your window is broke or your tire's flat," said Shavonda Jackson.

Jackson said she witnessed vandals take aim at her neighbor's car window on Hildreth Street last Saturday.

"Some guys just walked down the street and broke the man's car window and just ran away," said Jackson.

She had to shell out money this summer when someone targeted her front storm door.

"$120 for the bottom glass and it's not even the same glass, it's like a plexi-glass now," said Jackson.

You'll remember Deborah Driver's problem with vandals back in August. In one week's, time she replaced the back window on her car, twice! Tired of costly repairs, she got rid of the car and now takes the bus.

"I think it's just random. I don't think it's personal. I think we're close to the housing developments. Kids come through here, coming to and from school, and I guess on the weekends they're out hanging late and I guess just having reckless fun," said Jackson.

Two homes on Hildreth are still boarded up from the vandalism this summer. Neighbors are looking to police to help solve a problem they said has gone on far too long.

"How could we at least feel a little safer with our belongings without having to spend a lot of money constantly?" said Jackson.

"What plans do they have as policing the community more often or what else could be done?" asked Roderick White.

White spent $250 to replace a window on his house. He said the neighborhood can only do so much.

"Parents have to watch out for their kids take more responsibility, know where their kids are at all times," said White.

Richmond police plan to attend an Eastview community meeting scheduled for Thursday night. Police and city leaders have been invited to that meeting. It's from 6 to 8 p.m. Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church at 1720 Mechanicsville Turnpike.

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