"Buying A Voice": Americans For Prosperity

RICHMOND (WWBT) - As the 2012 election heats up, expect to see more and more ominous television ads that accuse President Obama of some very serious things.

Many of the groups who pay for these ads are free to spend as much as they want and say whatever they want. We think you deserve the right to know who is making these claims.

This week we look at an ad paid for by the group "Americans for Prosperity" (AFP).

The ad targets a serious scandal facing the White House, the controversy over loans given by the federal government to the solar energy company "Solyndra". The scandal has made life difficult for the president.

The libertarian leaning "Americans for Prosperity" know it. That is why they are working to make sure you hear about it as often as possible.

It is a slickly produced one minute ad, in which, AFP lays out the case that President Obama and his economic advisers knew that Solyndra was in trouble, but went out of their way to grant them the taxpayer backed loan.

It shows pictures of the president touring the company and singing its praises.

So who are the Americans for Prosperity? They are a 501 c-4 organization, so that means they are not required to release their donor list.

But we know they were created and heavily financed by the libertarian tycoons, David and Charles Koch. But while the Koch's are at the top, the connections in AFP trickle down all the way to Virginia, where the organization has one of its 31 state level branches.

In Virginia their connections are all on the right side of the isle.

Since 2006 they have donated more than $5,000 to the Virginia Republican Party. They have not contributed anything to Virginia democrats.

Their former state level director was Ben Marchi- once worked for George Allen and was on staff for the National Republican Congressional Committee. Their current director, Trixie Averill, has held positions in the state republican party, and is a well known conservative activist.

All connections with one common thread, they are not supportive of President Obama or his policies.

And now you know who is buying a voice. We have posted all of research on this week's segment, on DecisionVirginia.com.

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