New $200 fines for Far West End speeders

HENRICO, VA (WWBT) – Drivers in the far west end who don't slow down may soon have to pay up. It's the result of a new speeding fine on Fort McHenry Parkway, between Nuckols Road and Shadyford Lane.

For years, the neighbors have been saying drivers go way too fast. And if the number "25", as in speed limit, isn't slowing them down, now the county hopes the number "200" will. in dollars; the amount of a new fine, if caught breaking the speed limit on a stretch of Fort McHenry Parkway.

Robert Godfrey's lived here 22 years, long enough to know, it's not always safe.

"I'll be honest with you. I'm surprised we haven't had a really bad accident out here," Godfrey said.

That's what the parents are afraid of, out here on this residential street that's just steps away from a school. Lissie Lowe is well within walking distance, but drives her child to school anyway.

"I would like to walk them sometimes, but my husband doesn't think it's safe," Lowe said.

The $200 fines are not uncommon in Henrico County. In fact, we've reported on them at numerous other places, including Mayland Drive, Mountain Glen Parkway, Westlake Avenue, and Thamesford Way. It's not always easy, though, to gauge their effectiveness.

We ran the radar for a few minutes during the lunch hour, and no one went more  than 28 miles per hour. Either the signs are already working, or, it has something to do with a guy in a full suit, running radar in full view of the public.

Still, parents like Rachel O'Brien say the signs are worth a shot.

"I know that when I see those, I tend to obey a little bit more than I probably would, so I hope that it helps," she said.

Nobody's been caught violating the new regulation yet. The signs just went in Monday. But police will be back from time-to-time to run radar.

Henrico's policy is that 75-percent of the neighbors must agree to the fines before the county board of supervisors will approve them on a given street.

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