Leaf collection tips neighbors should know

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - As fall leaves a daunting task for some homeowners who want to clear their lawn, it's also a time for the city to pick up the piles that have accumulated this season.

City crews just began collecting leaves this week. As machines remove leaves from neighborhood streets, signs are posted nearby to give people an advanced warning.

"It lets you know when you don't need to have your car out because we can't get in a vacuum when the cars are in the way," said Richmond Public Works Public Information Manager, Sharon North.

North says those who don't will get towed. The mayor has a goal to finish the first cycle by December 31st- hopefully before the first big snow fall. The same machines used to remove leaves are used to get rid of snow.

"There are always ways where you can become more efficient with processes and that's what Mayor Jones is trying to do," said North.

North wants to make sure that people rake their leaves to the front of their lawn and not in the street, which will back up the gutters when it rains. Picking up we leaves could cause the machines to malfunction, and delay the process even more.

"When it rains, it halts the process because we can't vacuum the leaves when they're wet," North added.

She also encourages people to stuff their leaves into biodegradable bags which they can recycle. Leaves that are put into plastic bags will go straight to the landfill.

During the collection process, there is no limit on how many bags people can place outside. During regular trash collection, they can have six. People should expect to see crews out on the streets cleaning up the leaves for the remainder of this year. @

More information for local leave collection found here: Richmond / Petersburg

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