NBC12 Investigates Richmond's worst roads

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Which Richmond roads need a total makeover? NBC12 phones rang off the hook in July with viewer complaints and suggestions.

It's not always smooth traveling in Richmond. There are some drives you dread.

The fifth worst road to travel in the Richmond area is Forest Hill Avenue, with 26,000 cars traveling this road every day.

Viewer complaints weren't about the condition, but about the congestion and difficulty making turns on and off it. Our cameras caught some video of a truck driver being forced to wait three and a half minutes to turn left. Relief is coming though. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2013. For $12 million, the city is adding medians for left turn lanes, sidewalks, bike lanes, gutters and curbs.

Brook Road came in at number four on the list. There's no doubt sections of the road are worn down, but we found a mile long stretch that was repaved this year. Another chunk of the roadway is on the calendar for paving in 2012.

Patterson Avenue is number three on our list of roads you complain about the most. We found patched up roadwork, faded lane markings and it's uneven and bumpy from Willow Lawn to the corporate limits. Patterson is on the city's list to be paved by 2014.

Midlothian Turnpike just barely missed topping our list. It comes in at number two. Midlothian is frankly a mess, but it's also because a multi-million dollar project is underway to improve the drainage, add sidewalks and re-grade the road.

V-DOT tells us the west bound lanes of Midlothian Turnpike will be paved by Thanksgiving; the east bound by spring. We're now 10 months in to a two year long project that's expected to wrap in the spring of 2013.

Finally the worst of the worst according to our viewers is Jeff Davis Highway with its crumbling curbs and a rippled road. A top city leader told us over the summer, like Midlothian, Jeff Davis is a multi-million dollar project that will take years to complete; the road has to be totally re-built. And there are no plans for construction any time soon.

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