Teacher allegedly forces student to rub her feet

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - A South Carolina grandmother is outraged with her granddaughter's teacher.

"My granddaughter has nightmares, she cries. She said I have three wishes, grandma. One of them was not to go to school today." said Brenda Norris.

The little girl is complaining about rubbing her teacher's feet!The grandmother complained to the county school district after her granddaughter came home in tears.

Grandma did some investigating and now the school district is looking into it.

The school district sent an e-mail saying it is investigating the situation, but that's not enough for some parents who feel this teacher student relationship is a little too close for comfort.

Brenda Norris says her six-year-old granddaughter came home from school to say she was tired of rubbing her teacher's feet. She took to facebook and found at least half a dozen parents who say this also happened to their kids.

The school district sent the teacher home, but she's back in the classroom. Norris says the punishment is unacceptable and now her granddaughter's trust has been destroyed.

"She was taught to do what the teacher said do. And the teacher wants her to rub her feet?" says Norris.

The grandparents have filed a complaint with police and there is a community meeting Tuesday night to discuss the issue.

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