NBC12 Viewer Helps Crime Victim Colonial Heights UPDATE

By Nicole Bell

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VA(WWBT) A local man goes out of his way to turn a negative into a positive after seeing a story that aired on NBC 12. The story featured a crime victim whose tires had been slashed by vandals in Colonial Heights. The viewer, who asked to remain anonymous, offered to fix the damage for free.

Unexpected and overwhelmed  that's how Anthony Butler  describes the response. Butler did not ask for help when he talked to NBC 12  about his vehicle being vandalized. But something  he said struck a chord causing a number of viewers to reach out and volunteer to help him and his family.

We introduced you to Butler on Thursday. Devastated and deflated -- after learning someone slashed two of his tires. More than 20 tires near the Farris Avenue neighborhood in were  damaged. Butler told us, as a result of the damage,  he had to walk or take a cab to and from work  -- until he got paid  in a week to fix  the tires. After telling his story on NBC 12 viewers responded -- offering to foot the bill for Butler. NBC 12 put the pair in contact with a viewer who offered to help.

They spoke on the phone.

Butler:  "How are you doing"?

Anonymous:  "Fine thanks."

Butler:  "I'm so grateful you called to help. "

Anonymous: "Not a problem when I saw the story I thought, oh man  that's awful."

The viewer asked to remain anonymous.What he did was quite revealing. The viewer paid for Butler's vehicle to be towed. He also paid for two new tires.

Anonymous:  "If I experienced that it would ruin my day and perhaps my entire week - so I know that's a royal pain in the butt."

The Butlers are thankful. The couple says they would have been forced to skip a household bill payment in order pay for the vehicle to be repaired.

"It would have set our rent back.   It makes me feel blessed  -- blessed to know there are people in the world  that have a kind heart," said Todolyn Butler.

The Butlers say they plan on paying it forward in the future. Police are working to find out who's responsible for the vandalism. If you have information that can help call Crime Solvers at 748-0660.

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