Search suspended for missing fisherman

PORT ROYAL, VA (WWBT) - Crews have stopped their search for a fisherman who fell into the Rappahannock River in King George County until Monday.

Twenty-nine-year-old Randy Robinson went missing after his canoe flipped Saturday evening.

His girlfriend was able to swim to shore, but so far there's no sign of Randy.

Dive and rescue teams from as far as Fredericksburg and Maryland have been in the water for 24 hours trying to find him.

Crews are fighting against the clock, as the chances of finding Randy alive grow slim with each passing hour.

Boats and divers paced the Rappahannock River all day trying to find him.

He's been in the water since 5:30 Saturday.

Misty Chapman works as a waitress at Buster's Place nearby. Randy's girlfriend swam to shore after their boat flipped and came to the restaurant frantically looking for help.

"There was a lot of commotion last night," Chapman said. "She was pretty upset and hysterical."

Police say they believe alcohol may have played a factor. They say some people on shore saw randy being loud and staggering before he went out into the water.

Police say there's no signs on the shore that randy may have made it out of the water and so far his family has not heard from him.

Lieutenant Christopher Giles with the King George Sheriff's Office says the conditions for this search are less than ideal.

"Cold. The conditions are cold, the water is cold," Giles said. "One of the rescue boats had the temperature last night at 49 degrees. Obviously the temperature has dropped throughout the night and hypothermia is a big concern of ours."

The waters of the Rappahannock can be murky so crews are using a side scan sonar hoping they can see underwater and find Randy.

This spot on the river near the Route 301 bridge is a popular spot for fishermen. News of someone going under here is hitting many people hard.

"Everybody in the restaurant is upset and his family is," Chapman said. "We didn't know him personally, but it still hits you when somebody may not return safely."

Right now there are no plans to call off the search.

Police say they're going to keep looking until they find Randy.

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