Neighbors: Thieves breaking into Chesterfield homes

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Neighbors are on high alert after a string of breakins in the Brookfield Subdivision in Chesterfield County. That's just off South Providence Road. Neighbors say at least 6 homes have been broken into over the past few weeks.

The victims, who talked with us tonight, say they think kids are behind the crimes. The crimes appear to be 'smash and grabs', where they are taking small things but kicking in the backdoors of homes to get inside.

"Now I'm not safe at night," said victim Magda Ruse. It's easy to see why. The screen on her backdoor is ripped off. It's all a daily reminder of the frightening break in at Ruse's home.

"Horrible. I couldn't sleep for a whole week. Someone went in the house and through my stuff. It's real sad," she said.

You can still see the signs of this violent night. The footprint from one of the crooks is still on the door the criminals kicked in to get inside of the home.

Neighborhood Association watchdog Herman Moore says this is just one of a number of breakin's in the quiet, family-oriented neighborhood. "We are worried! it can happen to anyone, at anytime."

Many living here think the thieves are targeting homes, during the day, when they know no one is home.

"They are coming through the woods. Most of the homes broken into are against the woods through here," added Moore.

Now people are looking out for each other, adding alarm systems and no trespassing signs, just for protection.

"I'm just hoping they get caught," said Magda.

"Please stop! Because we are looking. We will get you," added Herman.

Today was a holiday, so our calls to police were not returned. Neighbors say they have been working with police, who continue to patrol the neighborhood.

The things being taken include jewelry, iPod's, cameras, laptops and more.

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