Newspaper editor invites Occupy to his front lawn

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Tonight, Occupy Richmond is trying to find a place to set up shop, 24 hours after being blocked from Monroe Park. Meanwhile, a newspaper editor is actually sending an invite to the group.

The editor of the Richmond Free Press wrote in his editorial today, that he welcomes the Occupy Richmond group to his front yard, if the group is blocked from occupying Mayor Dwight Jones' front lawn. The editor, Raymond Boone, lives right next door to Jones.

"I cannot be a lamb to slaughter. I can not ignore our commitment. The people are rising up saying we aren't going to take it anymore. And that's I'm saying also," said Raymond Boone, editor.

There's rumors that the group may want to occupy Mayor Jones' front yard. Last week, Boone says a police officer blocked the common driveway he and Jones' share.

"He was there to help the mayor," said Boone, and protect his home from the occupiers.

So that's why Boone -- who lives next door -- is opening up his lawn. "We would welcome them, provide food, water and if I had tents, I would provide them too."

We broke the news to some occupiers marching tonight.

"I think that's amazing honestly. I think it would be a great opportunity to have a dialog with Mayor Jones," said Daniel Coakley.

"My reaction is actually surprised that support is so available," Bentley added.

Both of the men arrested last night at Monroe Park have been released from jail. One of them actually had a weapon on them. Both were wearing masks.

The Occupy group tonight was protesting outside of the City Jail, after they knew that both of the men arrested were bonded out and released.

Richmond City Council Reva Trammell called us tonight and says she supports Boone's idea. We tried to talk to the Mayor, but we were told he was not home at his house late this afternoon when someone was walking outside.

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