Local Alumni React to Penn State Controversy

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - As the Nittany Lion Alumni nation takes in the news their legendary coach is gone, emotions are mixed. Across social networks, a constant buzz, as former students posted reactions to the news. In the Richmond area, thousands belong to the Penn State Alumni Association.

Those we spoke to say it's tough- they don't agree with the riots, and they are disturbed by the allegations involved, but what's hitting hardest is that Joe Paterno won't be on the field this weekend.

They were the cheers of a student body stunned by the downfall of a college football legend. Miles away, the Crapsers, recent Penn State University graduates, are having a hard time taking it all in.

"Just lost something. Not sure what it was. just a little bit of faith maybe," said Aaron Crapser.

"It's frustrating because it's a reflection on our university... that's not what our university stands for," said Amanda Crapser.  "It's important to remember the victims that were involved in this and I think a lot of attention's being put on Joe Paterno and we should refocus about the man who actually did these things and the children he actually hurt."

The Crapsers don't agree with Paterno's ousting.

"Everyone can always look back and say could I have done more? do I think the amount I did was not enough? No. I think what he did was what he had to work with at the time," said Aaron Crapser.  "Joe Pa's like a father to everybody in State College, to have that happen and to strip away a man's dignity like that whether it's Joe Paterno or not, it's tough to see."

They say they're certain what happens next on the field, will be the Penn State team they have always known.

"I think they'll carry on. they'll do a good job," said Amanda. "I have faith in my Penn State football team and Joe Paterno has instilled a lot of them with his morals and his strength as a coach, so I have faith that they'll do well this weekend."

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