Occupy Richmond protestors on the move

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Occupy Richmond protestors are back in action Wednesday night -- marching through downtown. Nearly 300 protestors have gathered at Festival Park near the Coliseum.

These demonstrators first marched to Monroe Park, but after a heavy police presence and some arrests...they hit the street and started marching downtown toward the Coliseum.

The protestor gathered in Festival Park. One told us police are allowing them to stay there until three o'clock in the morning. Department officials tell NBC12 they will treat this as any other city park, so we can expect the group to be forced out again.

Our cameras caught just one of a number of reports of arrests as Occupy Richmond circles Monroe Park.

"I saw a friend of mine pulled off the sidewalk by a cop and I saw some people try to help him and I saw them be brutally attacked by large male cops," said Occupy Richmond Protestor Sarah Coleman.

We are waiting for official numbers from police on how many people were arrested and why.

We've received unconfirmed reports the person arrested in our footage was charged with wearing a mask in public. We've learned in certain places that's a felony.

"We didn't expect this because we didn't expect anyone to be arrested. We were marching on the sidewalk. That's not illegal. We did not expect to be arrested for that," Coleman said.

Many of the protestors we talked to say they have the best of intentions representing the 99%.

"I believe that it is a fundamental right of the public to occupy public spaces and so long as they do it in a non-destructive and non-violent way," protestor Kat McNeal said.

Tonight's though the fireworks erupted.

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