Victims in string of recent Richmond robberies speak out

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Just in from Richmond Police, another armed robbery along Leigh Street, not too far from VCU Monroe Park. This, is the just latest in a string of armed robberies in the area. Now, for the first time, several victims are speaking up.

Those victims told me that they are scared and afraid. Both of them don't even remember part of what happened after the brutal attacks.

With a scarred forehead and deep shiner, "they are going to get caught, someone is going to get them," said Mark Russell.

It's all a daily reminder for Mark Russell -- after a group of about five guys attacked him, just after dark -- on Broad Street.

A few seconds later, Mark said he got up and started chasing the suspects down Broad Street. He says the guys went around this corner and then slipped away into an alley. That's when Mark ended up on the store surveillance video from Clay Market -- begging the employee behind the counter for help! That's a block from the attack.

"Anger is the word I'd use! I look forward to the day they are caught," Mark said.

He isn't the only one hoping that. Another armed robbery happened at the Harrison Mini-Mart on Harrison Street near the Seigel Center Tuesday.

Police say four guys with T-shirts over their faces stormed into the store in broad daylight ---and held the clerk up.

"They pushed me on the floor. I laid down on the floor and they took a chair and hit me on the backside," he said. And that's all he remembers.

This brings the violence now to at least seven robberies in just five days. There have been at least eight victims and some of them likely connected.

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