Copper thieves target homes for sale

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – There has been a rash of burglaries in Richmond and police say the thieves are out to get your copper!

Since Monday, there have five police reports. Thieves broke into homes and stole copper in the Bellevue and Church Hill neighborhoods.

Police haven't said whether or not these burglaries are connected. However, the Bellevue break-ins do have something in common; they were vacant homes, up for sale.

An empty house with no furniture, no appliances but still plenty of valuables for a thief. Amy White has put her late mother's house up for sale.

This charming home on Hermitage Road was built in the 50's and has sentimental value to White.

"It's sad just to see any destruction of the house we love so much, and grew up in," said White.

White showed us what the copper thieves did to her mother's home. They ransacked the entire basement and clipped off copper piping in three rooms.

"I know that it's a common thing for thieves though and that there is a good market for it," said White.

The price of copper is high. One Richmond recycling company quoted me $2.40 per pound compared to just 9-cents a pound for scrap metal.

Since the break-ins Richmond police have notified the neighborhood by passing out this Burglary Alert, neighbors are asked to keep a look out for any suspicious activities."

"I just hope they catch whoever is doing this because it brings a lot of sadness to those who love our property and love our home," said White.

If you think you have any information about these crimes. Call crime stopper at 780-1000.

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