Snowcaster of the Year: Deadline to apply is November 16

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - You might think it's a little early but it's time for our annual snow forecasting contest. When do you think we'll get our first inch of snow here in Richmond?

We have to get started early-- that October snowstorm could mean an early start to the snow season around here. And remember last year?

Our winner Jason Endries predicted December 13th. And the year before our first snow was in the first week of December. So we've moved the deadline earlier. It's November 16th. That's next Wednesday at 4pm.

And would you believe that day was too late back in 1962, when 9 tenths of an inch of snow fell in Richmond on November 5th!

This year we're using our facebook page. Look for the "Snowcaster of the Year" link on the left side of the NBC12 page. You can post your forecast there.

Remember: tell us the date and time when you think the Richmond Airport will record its first inch of snow.

If you aren't on facebook, drop us an email. The address is

You won't be included in the contest unless you include the time and date.

If you win-- you get an interview on NBC12 but the big prize is bragging rights. So put your thinking cap on and let me know your forecast. You just may be our snowcaster of the year!

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