INTERVIEW: Upset Win - Taylor wins Commonwealth's Attorney race

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – It was perhaps the most shocking result of the night. Democrat Shannon Taylor beat back two challengers to win the race for Henrico Commonwealths Attorney. Taylor is a former prosecutor in Richmond and had never run for public office. She joins us now live to talk about this improbable win.

RYAN: Madam Commonwealth's Attorney Elect welcome back to First at Four.

SHANNON: Thank you so much Ryan. It's my pleasure to be here.

RYAN: We'll just take a step back and remind everybody how you got here. You got in the last day you could in this race. You were outspread by wide margins in a race that democrats never win. How did you end up with the victory?

SHANNON: Well I have to say its full part to the citizens coming out to vote. It was a great sign of the message being received by the constituents so when we kept talking about the lead prosecutor, the person in charge of public safety, having experience, that that's what mattered and it was not about politics. It appears that the citizens listened and came out in full force just as we hoped they would.

RYAN: You weren't able to out any television ads on the air. I know you did a little bit of mail. What do you think, was it human contact, was it seeing voters on a day-to-day basis. What was the difference, you think, that put you over the top?

SHANNON: I think that my attempts to reach out to people. To go to the churches and go to the neighborhood associations, to constantly send out the message that experience mattered. It's the story of you tell ten people, you tell ten people and so only that it just got out there, and people responded to it extremely favorably.

RYAN: What about the fact that this was a three-way race. Do you think that helped you or do you think if this was a head-to head match-up with you and Delegate Janis that you still would have come out on top?

SHANNON: We certainly don't want to speculate as to what may have happened if this were a two-person race with the statistics we see now, but clearly what we do know is that Mr. Geary did get certain votes and may have gotten some votes from me that may have gone the democrat had he not been there. I've clearly gotten some of the votes from the republican. So without asking the person on the street the appearances that it did matter.

RYAN: Now you've got a monumental challenge. You've got to put a transition into this office. Wade Kizer has been for some time. He comes from republican establishment. How will you reach out to him and make sure it's a smooth transition so you can take over that office effectively?

SHANNON: Well Mr. Kizer has reached out to me and I will of course be in touch with him to of course this being just 24 hours later, to reach out to him, to ask him for the time to sit down with him, perhaps even to go ahead and start to meet with some of his staff. To talk about what the transition will look like. Right now I don't have any concrete details. But I'm sure Mr. Kizer will be more than professional and more than open with me.

RYAN: Congratulations on your win.

SHANNON: Thanks you so much.

RYAN: Thanks for being here. Good luck as you takes over this office.

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