String of armed robberies in Downtown Richmond

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Richmond Police are on alert, after at least 5 armed robberies in 3 days rocks part of Downtown Richmond.

The crimes are happening very close to VCU's Monroe Park Campus, along East and West Broad Streets, West Clay Street, North Monroe Street and North 9th Street. The crimes have happened in a span of three days.

Police also trying to figure out if the armed robbery of a VCU student last week is connected to these crimes. Police do say some of these crimes may be the work of the same criminals.

We were able to get our hands on surveillance video that shows a victim from one of the violent armed robberies. He came up to Adam Hussein, the employee behind the counter at Clay Market, "bleeding in his head and he said he needs help."

On the video, you are able to see the victim use the phone to call police. Just a block away is where this man met a group of about five attackers and a gun.

Michael Brewton lives all too close to the violence. "This doesn't make no sense. Makes no sense. Non-sense."

Because of all of these crimes, Richmond Police are stepping up their patrols. We're talking officers walking the streets trying to get this crime out of here. In fact -- we saw these two officers on patrol, as soon as darkness set in.

RPD is now working with VCU police, too. That's because VCU students live nearby and walk right through the crime spree area.

"Whenever there is a vulnerable time or a time when these crime have been reported, we want to be there," said Lt. Hamlet Hood with the Richmond Police Department.

"People work hard for their money. There shouldn't be the fear of walking down the streets," added Brewton.

No shots have been fired in any of these armed robberies. But, the suspects have gotten away with wallets, money and a camera bag.

If you know anything, call police at 780-1000.

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