Student assault in Goochland

GOOCHLAND, VA (WWBT) - It's being called "a violent case of bullying."  A teen is injured after being assaulted by a classmate. It happened during a fire drill at Goochland High School. Now, an investigation is underway.

The student says the bullying started with nasty name calling two years ago. She says the abuse escalated and turned physical yesterday morning.

15-year-old Ashley Rines is nursing a sprained shoulder and arm. Her nerves, bruised.

"I was almost crying it hurt so bad," Ashley said.

The 9th grader says her injuries came at the hands of a teenage classmate who's been bullying her for years.

It happened around 10:30 Monday morning at Goochland High School. Ashley says the boy bully began questioning her sexuality, cursing and calling her names. She couldn't take it anymore.

"I swung on him and he caught my arm and twisted it behind my back," Ashley said.

Ashley's mother is furious. She knows what's at stake.

"Kids have lost their life, taken their lives because they can't take the pressure. I'm not willing to lose my kid because of bullying," said Lisa Rines.

The family says it has been unsuccessful with getting help from the school.

No one from the school district would appear on camera when we reached out for a comment. During a phone conversation,the superintendent told me she could not comment on any matter involving any student.

She went on to say, "We do not tolerate bullying. If a matter comes up we deal with it immediately."

The sheriff's office is investigating the matter.

"I suspect in a case like this where there is injury it will probably result in a trip in front of the judge," said Sheriff James Agnew.

As for Ashley, she wants to feel protected while at school.

ASHLEY: "It causes a lot of trouble with your self esteem and it brings you down even more and it hurts your feelings to a point where you don't want to go to school."
NICOLE: "Is that how you feel?"
ASHLEY: "Yes."

Ashley did not go to school today and says it's unclear when she'll return to school. Ashley's parents say they're considering home schooling their daughter.

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