Community responds to abduction attempts

SPOTSYLVANIA, VA (WWBT) - People who live in Spotsylvania County say they can't rest until a series of attempted abductions is solved. There have been four possible attempted abductions in the last month.

Monday, the sheriff's office announced its beefing up patrols and taking these reports seriously, but many residents say until these crimes are solved, they're still very concerned for safety.

"It's scary," said Tobias Shultz. "I have a 5-year-old daughter and it scares me to death that there's someone out there who's evil enough to do something like this."

The abduction attempts happened within close proximity, along the Rt. 3 corridor. You can read about each of the incidents below.

A few of the incidents involved school children, and that has parents re-thinking how and where their kids play.

"Everybody's kinda on their guard again," said SHultz.

Spotsylvania parents aren't the only ones concerned. These victims ranged in age from 8 to 20 and several community members say they're concerned about what could happen next.

"I'm thinking oh there's that gray van, and there's that black van and Saturday I seen a vehicle go by with spray paint!" exclaimed Tonya Gardner. "Too many people are worried and everybody's hiding."

"I think they're gonna keep it up until they finally end up hurting one of these kids," said Linda Lunsford.

"We need to wake up and this is it because somebody's going to end up getting hurt. Because they obviously want somebody and I think it's related," said Gardner.

"They'll catch them and do what they want to and then kill em," said a worried Francis Wallace.

Since the children will be out of school for election day, deputies say they are going to bump up patrols in those residential areas where children are playing, just to give everyone a little bit better sense of security until this issue is resolved.

Below is a list of related press releases:

On October 13, 2011, at approximately 6:30am, the Sheriff's Office received a complaint of an attempted abduction that had just occurred in the 7000 block of Pullen Drive.

Upon arrival of deputies they met and interviewed a 15 year-old female victim that was noticeably shaken and her mother. Both explained that the female had been walking down the street to their neighbor's home two-doors down to catch a ride to school with the neighbor. While walking down the street, a blue 4 door vehicle described as possibly a Toyota Camry pulled along side of her and stopped, then a Hispanic male about 6' tall, 220lbs., got out of the driver's door and walked around the rear of the vehicle and displayed a 6 inch box cutter while telling her to "get in the car." The victim further advised the suspect had short black hair, blue eyes, and no facial hair, wearing a black sweatshirt and blue jeans.

The victim dropped her book bag and ran back towards her home; the vehicle fled the area. When detectives interviewed the victim she was able to state that the suspect had been seen in the past by her, driving by her residence looking at her over the summer. She felt like she would be able to recognize him if she saw him again. Deputies and detectives began a canvass of the neighborhood and located a possible vehicle fitting the description of the suspect vehicle. Interviews were conducted with the residents and they appeared nervous and suspicious when questioned. Detective Leonard Short took information gained from the interviews with the resident's and began to locate pictures of possible suspects which he used to put together a lineup.

While doing the research through Sheriff's Office criminal information files, Short ran across a photo of someone associated with one of the resident's that fit the victim's description. Detective Short assembled a photo lineup and took it back to the victim for her to look at.

The victim clearly identified the suspect that had earlier attempted to abduct her. Detective Short obtained a felony warrant for attempted abduction by force, and numerous locations were checked last night for the suspect but he is still at-large. The Sheriff's office is looking for the suspect and asks for the community's assistance in locating the individual. The suspect's photo is attached.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office at 540.582.7115 or Text-A-Tip can make a difference; Text SEE911 to CRIMES (274637) or, Crime Solvers at (540) 582-5822


On October 21, 2011, at approximately 3:53PM, the Sheriff's Office received a call reporting a suspicious male individual that had chased a nine year-old child towards her residence. The call was placed by the child's mother while she was on her way to a business appointment. Deputy Lamont returned the call to obtain more information.

The mother explained that she was on her way out the door of her residence when her nine year-old daughter ran into the house yelling that a man had chased her home. The parent was able to establish that the child was walking down her street, Polaris Court with other students that were let off the school bus with her. She told her mother that after the other children had disappeared into their homes, that a male suspect exited a mini-van parked near the last house on the street and began to chase her down the street towards her home. The child stated that the suspect chased her past the length of two additional homes and then turned around and did a quick walk back towards the van, got in the van and left. The child further stated that the van turned left out of Polaris Court.

After hearing her daughter's story, the mother left the child with family members and went to work. While on her way to the appointment, the mother called the child's father and discussed the incident with him; the father advised her to call the Sheriff's Office immediately, advise them what happened and after she finished her appointment to return home and notify the Sheriff's Office again.

The mother placed her first call at 3:53PM as a legal advice call. Deputy Lamont returned the call to the mother but since the parent could not see the deputy at that time; the deputy advised her that he would respond to the area, check for the suspect vehicle and to re-contact the Sheriff's Office upon her return home so that the victim could be interviewed. Numerous deputies went to the area of the incident and patrolled the entire community looking for the van and suspect; unfortunately neither was located.

The mother returned home at approximately 7:37PM and re-contacted the Sheriff's Office to advise that child was available for an interview. Deputy Lamont returned and began his interview with the victim; the child's story was consistent and immediately convincing. Deputy Lamont requested a detective and together at 8:50PM, they interviewed the child.

The child saw the van which she had not seen in the area before. She stated that she was walking towards her home when she noticed the man had exited the van and was running towards her; she reaffirmed that the suspect had run directly towards her. She began to run and ran until she reached her home; that is about the time her mother was opening the door to leave and she ran directly into the house.

The child described the suspect as follows: white male, medium build, blond short curly hair above the ears, possibly high school age; wearing a sky blue shirt with flames, baggy jeans, tan hiking shoes or boots, and a jacket with orange and green panels on the front that were reversed on the back.

The child described the suspect vehicle as a mini-van styled like a Grand Caravan with the sloped front-end. The passenger side door has a medium sized dent in the door and the wheels were described as spoke style.

The Sheriff's Office sent a Reverse 911 notification and a Spotsy-Alert out earlier today after gathering additional information from a neighborhood canvass that was conducted by detectives early Saturday morning. The investigation is on-going and anyone with information is asked to call the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office at 540.582.7115 or Text-A-Tip can make a difference; Text SEE911 to CRIMES (274637) or, Crime Solvers at (540) 582-5822.


On October 29, 2011, at approximately 3:23PM, the Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office responded to the area of Governor's Green subdivision for a report of an attempted abduction.

Upon arrival, deputies met a twenty-year-old female victim that had been walking along Innisbrook Circle, when a black in color 4-door Honda vehicle (described as dull black or faded) with white six-spoke rims pulled along side of her. The rear seat passenger on the driver's side opened the rear door approximately 12" to 18" and stated, "Let's go." The suspects never exited the vehicle and no weapon was displayed.

The victim could not provide a description of the driver, but stated she thought the vehicle was occupied 3 to 4 times. The drivers side rear seat passenger was described as follows; Hispanic male (possible Hispanic/white mixed) 30 – 32 years old, wearing a black T-shirt with full neck and sleeves, blue jeans, and had a deep voice with a noticeable accent. The other rear seat passenger was described as Hispanic, with black medium length hair, with a moustache.

After the command stating "Let's go," the female victim took off running away as fast as she could. At that point, the driver of the Honda sped-off at a high rate of speed. The victim could not provide any other information other than the Honda had normal windows, no tinting, and a normal Virginia license plate.

Sheriff's detectives were immediately called out and all the appropriate community notifications and broadcasts were made to include; Spotsy Alert, and Reverse 911. The investigation is continuing, and deputies had been specifically assigned to certain areas to patrol and look for the suspect vehicle.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office at 540.582.7115 or Text-A-Tip can make a difference; Text SEE911 to CRIMES (274637) or, Crime Solvers at (540) 582-5822. ------

On November 5, 2011, at approximately 6:45PM, the Spotsylvania Sheriff's Office received a report of suspicious activity involving an 8 year old female that had been approached in her neighborhood.

The victim reported that on November 5, 2011, between the times of 4:15-4:30 PM, that she was approached by a van. There were four males in the vehicle. The Hispanic male driver stated to the girl "Hey baby come closer to the van". The front passenger, a black male got out of the van and started walking towards her gesturing for her to come to him. The victim ran back into her residence in the 6700 block of Satterfield Court where the 8 year old resides with her father and step mother.

The incident was not reported to the Sheriff's Office until 6:45 PM, when the 8 year old went to her mother's residence nearby on Harrison Road and told her mother. Deputies responded and began a preliminary investigation. Detectives were requested and arrived at the scene a short time later after the initial deputies obtained details of the incident from the girl.

The detectives asked the mother if they could take the child to the local Child Advocacy Center to conduct a forensic interview. The mother brought the girl to the CAC and she was interviewed by Det. Twyla DeMoranville. The girl gave helpful information to Detective DeMoranville reference the suspect clothing and vehicle.

The suspect vehicle is described as a dull black van (possibly spray painted black); Ford (possibly an Econoline model). The van had writing or some type of logo on the van that was painted in red and appeared to be runny or smeared lettering stating "MALROY".

The suspects were described as being dressed in "big poofy coats" grey in color, according to the girl. The driver was described as Hispanic, wearing sunglasses with a mustache; he also had a blue hat on with no writing or symbols on it. The girl stated that it looked like he and the passenger may have been wearing necklaces with crosses on them over their coats.

The male that approached her had short hair (crew cut) and had a black hat with no writing or symbols on it and was wearing blue jeans. The girl described him as older having a white goatee and mustache.

The two other passengers were described as Hispanic with one having long braided hair.

Shortly after the interviews were completed the Sheriff's Office did a Reverse 911, and an alert message through SpotsyAlert. The Sheriff's Office and Spotsylvania County government encourage all resident's to go to and register to receive any future lookouts and bulletins. A canvas of the neighborhood and immediate surrounding area was completed by detectives earlier today.

In addition, it has come to our attention that inaccurate comments regarding this and previous attempted abduction cases are being made on social media sites. Unless information is released from the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office, these comments should not be deemed credible.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office at 540.582.7115 or Text-A-Tip can make a difference; Text SEE911 to CRIMES (274637) or, Crime Solvers at (540) 582-5822.

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