Couple gets possessions back

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – The retired couple who had everything they owned, boxed up in a moving truck that was stolen ---- got their first look today at the recovered items. We caught up with them after their drive up from Florida.

Andrew and Mary Lindgren are elated and most grateful for Ashland, Chesterfield and Richmond police departments. They feared they would never see their belongings again. But today, they experienced many pleasant surprises. 

We found the retired couple today, and Seibert's Tow Lot on Hull Street transferring their personal belongings from the now broken, stolen Penske moving truck to a new one. 'Starving Students Movers' handled the heavy lifting while Andrew and Mary lamented over the missing items.

"We saw a lot of cartons that had been dumped around and cut open and some were empty and things were just in disarray," Mary said.

Gone forever are things like furniture, computers and some electronics. Items like pictures which the thieves didn't take, is really what the couple wanted.

Thieves stole the truck in the early morning hours from the parking lot of the Hampton Inn, Ashland. They were caught on surveillance camera, moving quickly and quietly, as the couple slept in their motel room. Richmond police found the truck acting on a tip from a citizen who called after they saw the story. The Lindgrens are grateful for the publicity and southern kindness.

"It was broadcast Wednesday and Thursday and we go the call Friday it was found. When we got the call. We were so happy," Mary said.

The brazen thieves are still out their, perhaps targeting another moving van or work truck. So far, authorities have not linked them to the theft, of the President Obama's $200,000 sound equipment.

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