Area teen's weight loss journey leads to Richmond Half-Marathon

Chester, VA (WWBT)- Megan Davis was not enjoying herself as an overweight 13-year old.  She was self-conscious, got made fun of at school and was regarded as the slowest person in her class, struggling to run a mile without having to stop and catch her breath.  Instead of settling, however, Megan decided to do something about it.

Fast forward two years, where a 15-year old Megan has lost 45 pounds and will run the Richmond Half-Marathon on Saturday.  It's been a long journey for this Cosby High School student, who began working out after making a New Year's resolution to change herself.  She would walk on the treadmill, and use the stationary bike and elliptical machine at her local YMCA.  Megan also did a Couch to 10k program, something she said she hated at the time, but about a year later, went out for a run and was immediately hooked.

Now, Megan's parents can't keep her off the roads.  She's running all the time, sometimes as long as two hours.  She's joined the track and field team at Cosby and plans to join the cross country squad next fall.

Megan will toe the line in Saturday's Richmond Half-Marathon and hopes to finish under 2:10.  She hopes that others will learn from her situation that they don't have to do one big thing to change themselves, just commit to taking small steps over time.

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