Louisa trying to win another national contest

LOUISA, VA (WWBT) - People in Louisa are rallying to try and win a new contest to help rebuild after August's earthquake.

This time it's not an Alan Jackson concert. They're trying to win money to rebuild an elementary school destroyed during the earthquake. This latest contest is from Clorox and the winner will receive $50,000.

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School was destroyed this summer and is one of the nominees. School officials say they could certainly use the money.

"It's going to be a while," said Louisa County Schools Superintendent Deborah Pettit. "It takes time to build a school."

Pettit is hoping to get some help - to the tune of $50,000 - from a contest by Clorox.

"We could use that amount of money for the computers that were damaged or broke," Pettit said. "(Or) just for the infrastructure that would help with the wiring."

The good news is so far nearly 1700 people have voted for Louisa. The bad news is Thomas Jefferson Elementary trails a school in California by more than 20,000 votes.

School officials say it'll cost about $12 million to repair or rebuild the school. Pettit says she's thrilled to see parents looking for new ways to raise money.

"It's very encouraging to see people thinking out of the box," she said. "I didn't even know this Clorox contest existed and our families are out there and instead of feeling sorry for themselves, you see a parent, for instance, finding this."

The community rallied to win a contest for an Alan Jackson contest. Now there's hope Louisa can win on the national stage one more time.

"I hope people will jump on board like they did for other events and they will vote for Louisa," Pettit said.

FEMA recently approved relief assistance for individuals. Louisa Schools are still waiting to hear from FEMA whether they will get help too.

There's still a month left to vote in the Clorox competition. If you want to vote, click here.

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