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HENRICO, VA (WWBT) - In Henrico, Dr. Patrick Woodward is treating sinusitis.

Most of us have had it.  You may wake up with a sore throat and cottonmouth. Your head hurts and maybe your teeth ache.

You may be foggy headed and dizzy with a hint of a cough and nasal congestion. If you are not sure how you'll make it thru the day, then you have a sinus infection.

First, stay hydrated. Drink a couple of glasses of water.  

Over the counter nasal sprays like afrin and sinus rinses help to clean the mucous out of those caverns in your head we call sinuses. Take a mild decongestant and drink another glass of water and you should be on your way.  

If that fails to do the trick, if headache is severe, you are short of breath or feverish, see your doctor.

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