First look at site where Robert Wood, Jr. was found one week ago

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - A first look today at the creek bed where little Robert Wood, Jr. was rescued one week ago.

A man found the nine-year-old on the Martin Marietta Quarry property, about 200 feet from the pit. Professional search teams had been over the area before.

It was actually one of the high probability search areas, but again, they believe little Robert was on the move.

Nestled in this shallow creek bed, but not out of sight for the rescuer that brought a nearly week long search to an end.

"He came from this direction over here. He was walking this way and he walked right to him," said Sgt. David Wright with the Hanover Sheriff's Office.

Robert  was found shoeless in the mud. It has water in it now, but that wasn't the case last Friday. We're told it was just damp.

There is a spot nearby where he could have found shelter.

"Could have, very well could have. He wasn't lying far enough in it though as if he was looking for shelter," said Sgt. Wright.

This is the first time Robert's mom saw pictures of it.

"It makes me want to cry because, because I don't know how he survived out there. I don't know how he did it," said Barbara Locker.

Locker said she has full custody of Robert and his little brother, and his dad, Robbie Wood, has visitation on Saturdays. Locker wants those visits supervised.

"I have to speak for them so I just want to make sure it's supervised because at this point I'm just scared," said Locker.

Robert was with his father when he wandered from a trail in the North Anna Battlefield Park. No charges were filed.

"I'm just angry he wasn't watching and I'm trying to put myself in his shoes," said Locker.

Robert's father declined an interview, but said through an email he can't think of anything else than his son getting better and coming home.

When that will be remains unclear. Locker said doctors are keeping an eye on a sprained ankle.

"He's doing okay but his ankle is still swollen," said Locker.

Hanover authorities are still putting together a comprehensive report on the search including cost analysis.

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