Hot toys this holiday, What’s new and affordable

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - Black Friday is only three weeks away, and many people are trying to get an early start to their Christmas shopping.

As a homeschooling mother of four, Angie Knutson knows life can get stressful.

"Mostly toys, books and videos for kids is the core of what I test," Knutson said.

She started testing products years ago and looks for new items that make her job easier.

"Things that make playing more fun, things that help the kids learn," said Knutson.

Many of this year's toys you'll find at the big box stores.

"Thor, Captain America themed toys are going to be big this year. They run about $7 or $8 dollars depending on where you buy them. You can find these at Walmart," said Knutson.

But Angie explores new products that you may never have heard of.

"This is called Perplexis, you have to turn the ball as you go," said Knutson.

Building on iPad's success, children's app tablets are taking stores by storm.

"Those, I think, are going to be really big this season," said Knutson.

The Innotab by Vtech can download books, pictures, and music. It's got games and art that entertain children of any age.

Building and construction toys are a big hit with 7-year-old John David.

"There's a couple new brands that are giving Legos a run for their money. They're offering more pieces, a bigger set for a lot less money," Knutson said.

Plus, they fit with the Legos you already have.

Angie thinks the opti-art craft kits are high quality and affordable.

"Jewelry to hair accessories, sewing kits, making your own bags, scarves," Knutson said.

Allowing her girls to express their creativity. Same with the tuber and zots.

"They're basically bendable foam pieces. This is probably one of the kid's favorite toys from this year," Knutson said.

Some of the toys will be donated, others are given away on Angie's website at

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