Woman raped at knife-point in Chesterfield

Byron Hernandez-Hernandez
Byron Hernandez-Hernandez

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) - Police say a woman is robbed and raped at knife-point in Chesterfield, after the suspect asked her for a ride home from her workplace in Richmond.

It all went down during the early morning hours on Saturday, October 29th. The suspect, 23-year-old Byron Hernandez-Hernandez was arrested within 24 hours of the alleged rape.

It's not something Sharmayne Sledge expected to hear from us tonight. Her neighbor behind bars, accused in a violent abduction and rape of a complete stranger!

"Now-a-days you have to be aware of who you are picking up and make those choices a little more wisely," said Sledge.

Here's how police say it all went down. It was closing time at a Richmond restaurant and that's where Byron Herdanez-Hernandez was alone and needed a ride home to his apartment along Squire Hill Court. He gets there, safely, thanks to a woman who worked in that restaurant. He then went inside -- offering to grab the woman gas money.

Instead of coming out with the cash, police say Hernandez-Hernandez came out with a large kitchen knife, opened up the door of the victims car and told her to drive. The two drove about a half mile outside of the apartment complex and that's when police say the rape happened inside the car.

Police say the suspect then robbed the woman and left for home. Less than 24 hours later -- police had the 23-year-old locked up.

"If you don't know someone well, I wouldn't be giving them a ride especially not at 2 in the morning," said Chesterfield Lt. Randy Horowitz.

Police say it's unfortunate you have to be so careful these days, even when you think you're helping someone in need.

"You never want to let a stranger in your car," said Sledge.

Hernandez-Hernandez did eventually make bond on Wednesday evening. He was released from jail. His next court hearing is set for December 28th.

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