Buying a Voice: "The Future of TV"

RICHMOND (WWBT) - This week we begin a new segment that will continue through the important 2012 election.

"Buying a Voice" will take you behind the barrage of television ads made to sway your decision at the ballot box. Each week, we will investigate each ad and take the small print that indefinites who paid for the spot, and blow it up big so you will know specifically who is working to "buy your voice".

In our first "Buying a Voice" segment, we take a look at an ad that is all about local TV.

The ad that makes pretty threatening claims about an important piece of legislation that could directly impact what comes through your television.

The National Association of Broadcasters paid for the ad and companion web site that encourages viewers to ask their member of congress to block plans to reduce the number of digital TV channels available to commercial broadcasters.

While the ad talks all about how the law could impact you, it's paid for by media companies who would be directly and financially impacted by any plans to reduce the number of available channels.

In the last year the NAB has received sizeable donations from people directly tied to broadcasting interests.

Like $5,000 from Jack Abernathy the CEO of FOX television and $1,000 from Susan Fox, the Vice President of the Walt Disney Corporation.

Even NBC12 has been directly involved with the effort to keep the digital spectrum open. This station is a member of the Virginia Association of Broadcasters which works closely with the NAB.

In fact a look at the FEC filing shows not one donor to the NAB without a direct connection to a TV station or company that owns television properties.

Now you know who is 'buying your voice". We've links to all of our research on this segment, on our political blog,

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