Interview: Mail delivery problems

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) - There's major problems with your mail delivery across central Virginia. We first broke the news that the Sandston plant was ranked in a recent audit as one of the worst in the country for delaying mail. Rachel DePompa continues her investigation. She joins us now.

RYAN: Rachel, this is one of those stories where if you were affected by it, you probably thought you were the only one that maybe got one or two pieces of mail which was lost for a period of time.  But you're finding that this is happening to hundreds and maybe thousands of people across the area.

RACHEL: Thousand have reached out to us on Facebook and e-mails, phone calls, tons of messages in the last two weeks for people. The problem is the processing plant, and the plant touches every piece of mail in central Virginia from Charlottesville through central Virginia into Hampton Roads. Every piece of mail goes through that plant.

RYAN: That's where you're finding this stuff is backed up. If you haven't got your mail, it has something to do with some sort of delay in Sandston.

RACHEL: The kinds of problems that people were first noticing were magazines that already on the shelf taking weeks to deliver. Some of the sales and coupon fliers they would get after the sale had already happened. We have heard from people that had packages that went in and tracked them to that plant and they never came out.

RYAN: You will talk about how the postal service is trying to rectify this tonight, correct?

RACHEL: We are talking to the plant manager. He was brought on specifically to address this problem. Three months ago after this audit came out, he was brought in to change the plant and turn it around. You will hear what he has to say tonight. These are pictures you are looking at now of some of the mail that was stacked in corners in this postal facility.

RYAN: And that's tonight at 5:00? Correct?

RACHEL: Tonight at five.  

RYAN: Thanks for that. Go to Facebook, twitter, weigh in with your stories on this as well. Thank you, Rachel.

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