New information in murder of Hopewell navy veteran

Richard Wimmer
Richard Wimmer

HOPEWELL, VA (WWBT) - A cold case murder has family and friends of the victim looking for closure. It's been six months since 64-year-old Richard Wimmer was found severely beaten in his home -- located in the 600 block of Eppes Street in Hopewell.

There's also new information in the case. We now know what police took from Wimmer's home during multiple searches. Items include a hammer, guns, pillows, bed-sheets, blankets, blood swabs and a metal tool.

Wimmer was a father and Navy Veteran. It was back in April when he was found on his bedroom floor in a pool of blood. He'd been attacked -- beaten in the head with a blunt object. Six months later --  no arrests have been made.

"This was murder. This was cold blooded murder and somebody has got to know something," said Teresa Wimmer.

Teresa says answers about what exactly happened to her brother-in-law and who's responsible have been elusive.

"This family needs closure and we're not going to get it until we know what happened," she added.

Investigators aren't saying much about the case. Hopewell Police Chief John Keohane says the case is still under investigation and that all leads are being pursued.

Neighbor, Jeff Walter, says he hasn't been able to sleep well since the murder.

"I'm very concerned. I live right next door that makes it more threatening," he added.

Loved ones refer to Wimmer as a gentle giant. He was 6'8 in height and weighed nearly four hundred pounds.

"He was very open. Very giving and trusting and I think that may have been part of his downfall," said Teresa Wimmer.

Teresa says whoever murdered Wimmer deserves to be locked up, now.

"If someone is out there that can do this to a man in his 60's, they can do it again and next time it could be your loved one," she said.

Wimmer's murder was the first in Hopewell this year. If you have any information about the case contact Hopewell police or Crime Solvers at 541-2202.

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