Hanover working on post-search report in Robert Wood rescue

HANOVER, VA (WWBT) - Little Robert Wood, Junior undergoes some tests at the hospital after his rescue in Hanover.

The 8-year-old year old remains in stable condition at VCU Medical Center. A relative said he had an endoscopy today to look at his throat and stomach.

The North Anna Battlefield Park where he went missing one week ago is now back open. There's little evidence of that massive search effort for Robert. We took a hike along the trails and woods to get a first hand look at what Robert was up against.

Park staff unlocked the main gate, giving media access unavailable until now. A discarded glow stick rested at the trail entrance.

Robert vanished moments after wandering off a trail and into the woods. This is about the same time of day and even in full sunlight about 60 feet off the trail, you can barely see me in the dense woods.

The Hanover Sheriff's office declined comment on its investigation today. It's working on post-search analysis and a comprehensive report.

Robin Sletten is curious about what worked and what didn't.

"I'm surprised at where they found him because if that's where he was the majority of the time, they would have walked by him hundreds of times," said Sletten.

Her 220 acre farm, which neighbors the quarry where Robert was found, was searched twice daily and every night. Authorities said Robert was on the move.

She's also surprised the search was opened to the public. Sletten said some professionals scouring her land were upset about people possibly trampling clues.

"The outpouring of the people I think was absolutely wonderful, but I hope it was in the best interest of the child," said Sletten.

She had a problem with some who weren't part of controlled search teams. She said they tore up her land with four wheelers.

"We had a man who got stuck in our field and rutted up about 3/4 of one of our fields and finally buried his truck and we had to have a tow truck come in," said Sletten.

Despite the damage, she's happy Robert is alive and well.

"I was shocked at the shape he was in and thankful for it," said Sletten.

The Hanover Sheriff's office hopes to release the post search analysis by the end of the week and a more comprehensive report in about a month.

We expect Hanover to release the cost of the search effort in those reports.

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