Rescued boy's family speaks for first time

BOWLING GREEN, VA (WWBT) - Robert Wood, Jr. is still recovering in the hospital after being missing for nearly a week in Hanover's North Anna Battlefield Park.

It's been a long week for Robert's family and now, for the first time, his grandmother, Norma Jean Williams, is talking to the media.

She says she initially was angry with Robert's father for taking the boy she calls "Bud" to North Anna Battlefield Park.

"Bud will dart away from you," Williams said. "He will run. You have to hang on to him and you have to keep him in sight. I was angry, yes I was very angry, wondering why he would take him to a place like that."

Williams says the evening before Robert was found, she lost all hope.

"The wind was blowing so hard," she said. "It was drizzling. It was cold. If you had been there you would have known. I knew, God, he couldn't make it one more night. Not one more night."

She says she dropped to her knees when she found out Robert had been found alive. Now she has many people to thank for bringing him home.

"There were so many people there," she said. "There were search and rescue teams going in, the dogs were going in, and the deputies were going in and it was just so many people out looking for Bud."

But so far she hasn't been able to track down the person she wants to thank the most.

"I want to thank the man that found him," Williams said. "But I don't know who he is."

She says Robert has a lot of bug bites, bruises and scrapes from his five-day venture in the woods, but fortunately no serious injuries.

She says Robert didn't know he was in trouble and that may have saved his life.

"There's no fear," she said. "I think that's what helped him. He's a tough little boy."

His grandmother may never get the chance to meet Robert's rescuer face-to-face. The Sheriff's Department says the man doesn't want any recognition, only wanting to give thanks to God.

Doctors are still running blood tests from Robert. They're still trying to figure out what he may have been eating in the forest all week.

Robert's grandmother says he could come home as soon as Monday night.

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